More About The Movie

Olivia’s Island Adventure is a comedy filled with fun, music, laughter and lessons about how using your imagination can take the boredom out of anyone’s life. It is a wholesome and entertaining movie that everyone will enjoy. There is also a good lesson about eating bananas and their importance. The viewer can learn the songs and join Olivia on her adventure, helping her to uncover the wonder of learning and the joy of discovery!

Company: OLM Productions
Writer: Christopher Lee Montgomery
Director: Christopher Lee Montgomery, Tom Bishop, Brian Amison
Producer: Christopher Lee Montgomery, Tom Bishop
Genre: Musical
Runtime: 73 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Olivia Leigh Montgomery, Tom Bishop, Anjelica Kaylor, Katherine Bishop, Christopher Lee Montgomery

Capt. Cranky Song

The Captain sings a good old fashioned shanty to his crew to encourage them to take time off and have some fun. Even pirates need to go and play sometimes.

3 Heads Are Better Than One

Sing along with Olivia – she has some great advice on how to fix your problems with a little help from not one but two of your friends. Why are three heads better than one? Just ask Olivia!

The Banana Song

Do you know why bananas are the best fruit on the Island? Sing along  to the Banana Song and they might become your favourite fruit too.